The new Stealth will fit perfectly with other Track products!

In recent years, symmetric Track balls have offered a medium to low flare potential, creating a more controllable reaction. The Stealth breaks out of that mold with more flare and more technology. The Stealth core is a new design and features a dense flip block on the bottom of the core mass, helping the Stealth maintain differential numbers after drilling. Bowlers wanting more performance from a symmetrical ball will love the Stealth because of its low RG and high differential combination.  

We wrapped the new Stealth core with the QR-9 (Quick Response) cover. The QR-9 cover is known for its strength in oil and maintains a strong reaction at the breakpoint. 


Performance Upper Mid
Part Number 60-106769-93X
Color Black
Core Stealth
Coverstock QR-9 Solid
Cover Type Solid Reactive
Finish 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair
Weights 16-12 Pounds
Lane Condition Medium to heavy oil
Reaction Strong midlane and backend
Warranty Two years from purchase date

Core Numbers

 Weight RG DIFF
16 lb 2.498 0.048
15 lb 2.482 0.056
14 lb 2.509 0.056
13 lb 2.574 0.040
12 lb 2.597 0.040


The Stealth uses DynamiCore – the industry leading innovation in outer core technology developed by Brunswick Bowling Products. This leap in bowling ball technology is a more durable outer material that yields less compression upon impact increasing hitting power and creating an undeniable difference in sound and pin carry.

Click HERE to learn more about DynamiCore Technology.


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Stealth Bowling Ball
Stealth Core for 16-14 lb bowling balls
Stealth Core for 13-12 lb bowling balls

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Joe Goldstein Jr

The ideal benchmark ball. This ball does a little bit of everything. It goes straight, it hooks, it’s predictable, and it hits like a truck. What more could you ask for?

Mike Romero

The performance is in the title itself! This ball is by far Track's and Brunswick's best ball this year (2022)!!! This is the most versatile ball in my bag in a couple of years. This allows me to play straight or even hook the lanes. This ball does well with surface changes and works to your advantage! I shot my highest set of my bowling career out the box with this ball at 826.

Brandon Allred
THE Benchmark Ball

Layout: 50 x 4 1/2 x 40 || PAP: 4 ¾” x 1” || Ball Speed: 17 mph || Rev Rate: 350 rpm || Tilt: 15 degrees || Axis Rotation: 70 degrees

Benchmark ball reaction on an extremely versatile bowling ball. This is the type of ball that makes you want to buy a case and stash them away for a rainy day. Smooth, continuous, and predictable, this ball has been the first ball out of my bag for nearly every event I have bowled the last five months. I have drilled two thus far, both with similar layouts but slightly different surface prep. It handles surface changes (I have my second one at 3000-grit abralon) well without sacrificing any of the predictability. You DEFINITELY want more than one of these!

Don Carle

I was very excited for this ball coming out! I drilled it smooth arc, and it did just that! I was able to use on house and sport condition patterns! Get this ball!!

Brian Green
Track Stealth = Sneaky Good

The Track Stealth is an oil loving Big Hooking Symetrical Bowling ball with incredible hitting power at the Pins.....
The Stealth is My first ball out of the bag on pretty much everything I Bowl on.... The Solid Black Cover makes it very easy to read the ball motion on the lane.. I can also use the Stealth to play almost any angle i need to play. I can play inside with the stealth, i can play up the boards if needed and not need to change balls.
The coverstock on the Stealth also takes surface changes well.. At 4000 sia-air the stealth turns into an angular powerhouse that handles some of the lighter volumes as well

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