Kinetic Ruby

Track Kinetic Ruby | Mitch Beasley

Kinetic Ruby | Mitch Beasley Compares to Kinetic Emerald

Track Kinetic Ruby | Mitch Beasley Pin Down

Track bowling’s Kinetic Emerald offered heavy mid-lane roll with great backend and continuation on medium oil conditions. The new Kinetic Ruby offers that same great motion, but for heavier volumes of oil and longer oil patterns.

QR-6 Solid
The QR-6 Solid coverstock is a modified version of  the QR-5 solid coverstock that was previously seen on the Heat X-treme. This modification allows for a faster response in oil and gives bowlers the bite in the mid-lane they’re looking for.

Modified Kinetic
The Modified Kinetic core is back by popular demand. This low RG, medium differential and low MB core stores energy longer and uses it quicker than Track’s other mid performance cores. You wont find an asymmetric core for this price anywhere!


Color Ruby
Core Modified Kinetic
Core Type Asymmetrical
Coverstock QR-6 Solid
Finish 500, 2000 Abralon®
Lane Condition Medium To Heavy Oil
Weights 16-12 Pounds


Core Numbers

Weight RG DIFF
16 lb 2.510 0.036
15 lb 2.490 0.038
14 lb 2.480 0.041
13 lb 2.530 0.055
12 lb 2.600 0.039


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Kinetic Ruby Bowling Ball
Kinetic Ruby Core

Customer Reviews

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This ball is awesome

I absolutely love this ball I use all the time. I reacts the most over all the other balls I have. Will use this ball for a long time to come.

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