Kinetic Cobalt

Technology, Reliability, and Performance!

The Kinetic line has been a staple for Track for what seems like forever. Track fans want technology, reliability, and performance when they invest in a new product, and Kinetic balls always hit the mark. We are excited to introduce the new Kinetic Cobalt, a hybrid featuring the performance-enhancing HK22 base cover with the QR-7 additive package. This version of the Kinetic with the new cover is finished with a smooth 4000 finish to help maintain the Kinetic’s angular motion, but this version has more mid-lane traction and continuation through the backend.


Performance Mid
Part Number 60-106909-93X
Color Cobalt / Black
Core Shuttle
Coverstock QR-7 Hybrid (HK22)
Cover Type Hybrid Reactive
Finish 500, 1500, 4000 Siaair 
Weights 16-12 Pounds
Lane Condition Medium oil
Reaction Length with strong backend
Warranty Two years from purchase date
Release Date April 20, 2023

Core Numbers





16 lb 2.493
15 lb 2.480
14 lb 2.495
13 lb 2.589
12 lb 2.612


HK22 features enhanced color and clarity by engineered nano micellular phase separation technology, dramatically improving the cover’s translucency.

Click HERE to learn more about HyperKinetic22 coverstock.


The Kinetic Cobalt uses DynamiCore – the industry leading innovation in outer core technology developed by Brunswick Bowling Products. This leap in bowling ball technology is a more durable outer material that yields less compression upon impact increasing hitting power and creating an undeniable difference in sound and pin carry.

Click HERE to learn more about DynamiCore Technology.


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Kinetic Cobalt
Kinetic Cobalt Core for 16-14 lb bowling balls
Kinetic Cobalt Core for 13-12 lb bowling balls

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Edward S
Kinetic Cobalt

This is my first ball of the track family. I have to say I am very impressed with this ball. It fits my game, as I am more of a twiner, down & in bowler. It is a very smooth, continuous ball that doesn't lose energy when it reaches the pocket. When the lanes open up, you are able to move left and still see the motion of the ball maintain its shape without overreacting. I would recommend this ball, especially for those who don't have a lot of revs or want to have a controllable ball.

Tom Marlow
Kinetic cobalt

Kinetic cobalt with HK-22. Wow what a difference in reaction adding HK-22. The Kinetic line has always been known for its skin snap motion not this one. This ball is so smooth and predictable. My favorite kinetic has always been the emerald but in the short time of throwing this one, this could be my next favorite.

Bob Newman
Track Kinetic Cobalt

Sometimes a ball motion just fits your eye, and the Kinetic Cobalt does that for me. Previous Kinetic versions were good, but they all were a bit more skid flippy for me. The Kinetic Cobalt Hybrid picks up earlier in the mid lane and has a strong continuous motion through the pin deck. I really like how power through the rack which I believe is due to the addition of the HK 22 into the coverstock. This should be in my bag for a good while.

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