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The Alias from Track can do it all. Designed with every bowling style and every lane pattern type in mind, the Alias can be drilled for any situation. Whether you want a smooth, strong mid lane, or angular motion, the Alias can be transformed into any desired ball motion.

Designed with every bowling style in mind, the NEW Alias core is the most versatile core that Track has ever created. Because of the extremely tight pin distance and top weight spec we have enforced, it will allow the ball driller to achieve multiple mass bias drilling angles without the addition of a weight hole. This also will allow for an intermediate differential range of perfectly symmetric .000 Intermediate Differential to a very asymmetric, high Intermediate Differential.

This Prime Hybrid coverstock comes with a finish of 500, 2000 sanded and provides a very fast response time to friction on heavier oil conditions. It will provide more overall hook than its QR-10 predecessor.


Color Smoke / Purple / Orange
Core Alias
Core Type Asymmetrical
Coverstock Prime Hybrid
Finish 500, 2000 Abralon®
Lane Condition Heavy Oil
Weights 16-12 Pounds


Core Numbers

Weight RG DIFF
16 lb 2.500 0.047
15 lb 2.490 0.054
14 lb 2.510 0.054
13 lb 2.580 0.049
12 lb 2.610 0.046

Intermediate Differential: 0.013

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Alias Bowling Ball
Alias Core

Customer Reviews

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Joel Knudsen Jr
Best ball ever

I would like to say I've been a EBI fanatic since I was 11 years old throwing my dad's Turbo X. My proshop guy Lew Labaun told me about this ball when I was in preproduction. I went with him to the ball demo liked the roll and asked him if we could get one and tweak the drilling to work better from me. At the age of 15 I switched my bowing style to no thumb so I could bowl more without ripping my thumb. Lew is a genius with drilling bowling balls I started with one and now I have 5 of this ball all drilled to what I want it to do when the lanes change enough where moving its an option. I have multiple tournament wins and leagues high games with this ball. Any bowler could be great with this ball if pro shop takes the time to learn about the bowler using it. Wish they would come put with more so I can try new drilling options.

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